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Mainframe is only interested in providing customers with the most modern tech trends. This is why our coding is done using the latest html language, HTML5. HTML5 is the latest variation of HTML (hypertext markup language), which is used to create web pages. Why is HTML5 so great? Below are just some of the features that make HTML5 the leader of the pack.

One of HTML5’s distinguishing qualities is its ability to run on its own. You won’t need to download any other software or plugins in order to use HTML5. In addition to not needing any external software to run, HTML5 can be used on almost any web browser, including Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Android, plus many more. Unlike Adobe Flash, HTML5 is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. It can run a vast array of different programs —from movies to music. HTML5 is also the industry standard for running apps. HTML5’s advanced system can run even the most complicated of applications.

The leading tech behind HTML5 guarantees web pages that are not only easily accessible from a variety of different platforms (including mobile phones and tablets), but also multimedia that is crystal clear. The graphics and animation capabilities of HTML5 are the best available, so you’ll know your web page will look great. Not only will it look great, but it will run great as well. By using HTML5 to produce our games, you can rest assured that your game will look great, be easily accessed, and run smoothly.