About Mainframe

The Mainframe team is a group of dedicated innovators and developers. We all share are passion for the world of online casinos and casino games. After realizing this shared love of online casino games, we wanted to take our hobby and turn it into our very own business. We aim to use our passion to help others make their gaming dreams into a reality.

The minds behind Mainframe can take the simplest of ideas and transform it into a fully-realized online casino game. We have the experience to oversee and run the entire process —from idea inception to playing your game on the internet.

We are still in the final stages of launching our services full time, but that should not deter you from reaching out! We would love to partner with you on whatever ideas you have, whether you are in the final stages of development or in the very beginning stages.

When you partner with Mainframe quality is guaranteed. Our team is comprised of experienced gamers, innovators, and developers. No matter what service you use, whether it is idea creation, game development, game testing, or game design, the Mainframe team will deliver a product that exceeds your expectations.